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Letterman Jackets, Chenille Patches & School Apparel

Letters & Numbers

Chenille Letters, Monograms & Numbers

Letterman jackets with bold chenille letters and numerals are a great reward for athletes who have worked hard to excel at their sports. is pleased to offer quality chenille or felt emblems that customize any of our letter jackets for your particular school and sport or other school actvity. Every item you purchase is of the same high quality as the jackets we sell.

Choose from a wide variety of school symbols and mascots in our selection of patches: cardinals, pirates, bears and much more. Indicate the year of graduation with a 2 digit or 4 digit year emblem. Quality embroidery in vibrant colors is available on many patches. For example, a 4 digit year patch can be embellished with an embroidered "Class of" to indicate the athlete's graduation year date.

An athlete's jersey number is usually included on a letter sweater or letterman jacket. Order sports emblems to customize garments for any sport: track and field, tennis, football, soccer, basketball, swimming and many more. Cheerleaders have their own symbols, including megaphones or embroidered first names.

Drums, lyres and treble clefs are offered to customize jackets for musicians. Use standard or crazy block numerals to indicate graduation year for band members, flags, National Honor Society and other activities too.

Who Orders Chenille Letters & Monograms

Typically varsity letters & monograms are used for varsity sport teams, however, many companies, motorcycle clubs and hobbyist order letters & monograms.

Varsity Sport Teams:

Baseball, Bowling, Cheerleading, Crew, Cross Country, Diving, Fencing, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Track & Field, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Wrestling